TorQue MuziQ – Death Zone (Original Mix)

February 17, 2020 Patrick Lewis 0

TorQue MuziQ – Death Zone (Original Mix) TorQue MuziQ – Death Zone (Original Mix). TorQue MuziQ release this new afrotech music titled Death Zone (Original Mix) Download below TorQue MuziQ – Death Zone (Original Mix)

KMeRcY – PhanGa (Original Mix)

January 20, 2020 Patrick Lewis 0

KMeRcY – PhanGa (Original Mix) KMeRcY – PhanGa (Original Mix). KMeRcY returns with this new Afro tech house music titled PhanGa (Original Mix) Download below KMeRcY – PhanGa (Original Mix)

HappySoul SA – Alien Attack

December 9, 2019 Patrick Lewis 0

HappySoul SA – Alien Attack HappySoul SA – Alien Attack. Check out this new track from Artiste HappySoul SA titled Alien Attack Download below HappySoul SA – Alien Attack

InQfive – Legendary (Tech Mix)

December 5, 2019 Patrick Lewis 0

InQfive – Legendary (Tech Mix) InQfive – Legendary (Tech Mix). InQfive returns with another new track titled Legendary (Tech Mix) Download below InQfive – Legendary (Tech Mix)

Thabo Tonick – Mofosho (original mix)

November 27, 2019 Patrick Lewis 0

Thabo Tonick – Mofosho (original mix) Thabo Tonick – Mofosho (original mix). Mofosho (original mix) is a new Tech house music by Thabo Tonick Listen and enjoy below Thabo Tonick – Mofosho (original mix)

DopeTheDJ – The Barberians (Afro Tech Mix)

November 23, 2019 Patrick Lewis 0

DopeTheDJ – The Barberians (Afro Tech Mix) DopeTheDJ – The Barberians (Afro Tech Mix).This is a new Afro tech song by DopeTheDJ titled The Barberians. Listen and enjoy below DopeTheDJ – The Barberians (Afro […]

KingTouch – Through The Valley (Voyage Mix)

November 13, 2019 Patrick Lewis 0

KingTouch – Through The Valley (Voyage Mix) KingTouch – Through The Valley (Voyage Mix). Off The Genius EP by KingTouch comes this new deep house track called “Through The Valley”. Listen and enjoy below […]